Investing in Excellence – Nina, Ljubica, and Petar’s Journeys

Hard work pays off! Our very own Nina, Ljubica, and Petar are proof of that.

This awesome trio perfectly depicts our dedication to one of our core principles – people first. Over the last couple of months, these folks have embarked on a training journey, each in their own area, with the support of our company.

Since our establishment, net2 has fostered talent and continuous education of our people to keep up with the very competitive technology game. After all, we are well aware that investment in our people is an investment in our future.

Among other things, our company puts a strong emphasis on our new guys’ onboarding.

This was the case with Ljubica, Nina, and Petar. In return, they’ve made us proud with their dedication and how seriously they’ve taken the training.

Let’s jump into their story and how they’ve become net2’s rockstars.

Why Proper Training Matters?

Some studies indicate that 9% or one in 10 employees left the company due to poor onboarding. If you are wondering why, it’s simple. Inadequate training practices and lack of help to employees to familiarize themselves with the company and other colleagues, expectations, and continuous learning, lead to a loss of productivity.

In turn, this leads to their desire to leave the company.

That said, engaged employees, who are nurtured and involved in permanent training, commit to their organization and its mission. In fact, 87% of engaged employees are less likely to leave.

Ultimately, in the world of technology in particular, it’s vital to understand that equipping employees with all the right skills and knowledge to easily adapt is a must. Not to mention, it retains talent.

For these very reasons, net2 strives to allocate a minimum of 50% of our newbies’ time in their first year for training and close mentoring by senior colleagues. Our experience shows that by crossing all the relevant checkmarks in our training program, along with actual hands-on experience in parallel, new people get ready better for their roles, obtain all the necessary skills, and safely tackle new more complex projects. 

Nina, Ljubica, and Petar’s Certifications

Do you remember when two superwomen joined our little Superhero Squad? Ever since then, they have been working hard to demonstrate their desire to learn more and improve their knowledge about project management.  This was crowned recently with a Google certification for project management.

This Google course takes about 6 months, and 10 hours each week. Upon its completion, attendees gain an understanding of all the skills required to manage their first projects, create project documentation, and follow the project through all of its phases. The focus is both on helping those taking it in learning some hard skills needed for bringing a project successfully to an end, as well as practicing some soft skills.


Ljubica said that this certificate certainly helped her gain some in-depth knowledge of project management: ‘This area has always been a passion of mine, and this experience helped me learn so much. The most challenging part of the course was when we actually had to put what we’d learned into action and create an actual project plan. All of this will help me to successfully lead projects in my company, that supported me throughout the whole learning process. I’ve already started applying some of these skills in my everyday job in terms of documentation, and I am so excited about the future opportunities it will bring!’

Nina agrees, stating that this was one interesting experience in terms of learning: ‘I have enjoyed the training so much because it was designed to keep your attention at all times. Most of all, I love the practice-based approach the course has that allowed me to better prepare for the role of project manager. I agree with Ljubica, it was the most challenging part but also a valuable experience, where I learned how to apply what I’ve learned. But it wasn’t just about gaining new skills, but also confidence to take on and carry out more complex projects on my own.

Petar, on the other hand, embarked on a slightly different journey, being a .NET developer. He had to enroll in the AZ-204 certification exam, known for its difficulty.

This certification marks that the attendee has mastered the development of Azure cloud solutions, can implement Azure security, and can develop Azure storage. Moreover, they can optimize, and connect to Azure solutions, services, or third-party services. All of this makes his new skills a valuable asset in a world where the cloud is taking over.

Him passing it with flying colors is a testament to his dedication to our mission to deliver technical excellence, granting him the title of Azure Developer Associate.

Petar was excited about his exam results as well: ‘The AZ-204 for sure wasn’t an easy obstacle to jump over, in fact, it was a true test to my knowledge, but thanks to my team and net2 support, I did it! Here we use Azure products all the time, so this certification is extremely important for me and the company. I have learned all the fundamental principles of configurations, deploys, and utilization of adequate resources. Last, but not least, it opens up a path toward next-level certifications and titles. Azure Architect, here I come!’

Wrap up

The certifications obtained by Petar, Nina, and Ljubica reflect the high standards of expertise that Net2 expects to build in our team members. Their achievements are not only a happy day for our company but also proof of the importance of investing in talent development. As we continue to evolve, our team, strengthened by this new knowledge and skills, will play a crucial role in shaping our success.