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Whether you’re seeking to optimize, upgrade, or migrate your existing application to the cloud,
or if you have innovative ideas for a new project but require a technical partner,
we are here to lend a helping hand.

Let’s start by getting in touch.

Initially, we’ll schedule a one-hour online call to become acquainted with each other.

During this call, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce your business, project, and expectations to us.
We will also provide an overview of net2, sharing details about our methodologies and technology stack.
Additionally, we’ll offer prompt feedback on the feasibility and effort required for your project,
as well as discuss potential milestones.

Next, technical analyze 

If we find common ground, we can proceed to the next step.

In this stage, we will thoroughly analyze your project.
If necessary, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure confidentiality.

Based on the materials and documents you provide,
we will conduct an in-depth analysis and estimation of the required work, technology, and planning.

This analysis will take approximately two days, and we will deliver a comprehensive report to you.

This analysis and report are provided free of charge.

Are you interested?

Following the analysis, if you are interested in working with us,
we can discuss and agree upon a collaboration model.
We can establish a contract for either a dedicated team or a fixed price offer.

If you find our approach intriguing…

You can rely on our Experience

Net2 is specialized in Microsoft .NET technologies, with years of experience. As an official Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have privileged access to Microsoft Services and Support.